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Royal Metal IND. CO.,LTD

Royal Metal is one of the leading companies in manufacturing Manicure and Pedicure products. We export our products to over 45 countries with our established brand, “Royal.”

We also provide OEM services to overseas companies with well-known brand names, which include the ones located in Germany and the USA. Our products are world-widely used and the quality’s been proven.

How nail clipper is made in Royal Metal?

Nail clipper is made with intensive technologies. The procedure of manufacturing nail clipper is about 80 different processes, which are run by automatic manufacture system.

Simplify the procedure

The material of nail clipper is S15CM heat treatment steel, which is made by POSCO (Korean Steel Company). This material is specialized for manufacturing nail clipper and. Especially, for the improvement of nail clipper’s cutting ability, products go through the heat treatment furnace of 900C° and then products is treated oil cooling. This special procedure improves the quality of cutting and durability for nail clipper.

Company History
  • (1960-1990)
  • 1960 -Founded Royal Metal for Nail clipper production
  • 1963 - Registerd 'Royal' brand
  • 1982 - The factory moved to the present site
  • 1984 - Awarded Korean 'O.C' mark by government
  • 1987 - Equipped automatic plating facilities

  • (1991-2015)
  • 1992 - Equipped automatic heat treatment facilities
  • 1998 - Equipped automatic Grinding and welding system
  • 2002 - Expanded the factory site
  • 2009 - Launched Royal Products to E-mart stores
  • 2010 - Selected as a "World Class Company"by S.B.C, ROK
  • 2011 - Expanded E-mart private label renewal (17 items PL)/120 items
  • 2012 - Developed new Nail clippers(Smart clippers)
  • 2013 - Developed Baby Nail clippers

Production Information

1. Main Products

   a. Nail clippers,

   b. Openers & Nose hair trimmers

   c. Tweezers & manicure implements

2. Annual Production Quantity

Products Present Capacity
Nail clippers 20M pcs 50M pcs
Tweezers 10M pcs 20M pcs

3. Production Line